TeamCore Sports Performance

Having competed professionally in our own sports, the staff at TeamCore appreciate and recognize the commit- ment, perseverance and motivation required to becoming a successful athlete. Our sports specific training focuses on performance training, injury prevention and mind-body connection.

Performance training involves:

  • Developing core strength
  • Increased foot speed
  • Total body coordination
  • Explosive muscle movements
  • Power movements

Injury prevention is the number one concern of all athletes - from little league to professional players - and the Team- Core staff specializes in providing train- ing to minimize injuries by incorporating:

  • Stretching for prevention and correction
  • Dynamic stability
  • Multi-plane movements
  • Fast/Slow Twitch muscle movements

Athletic training encompasses more than what happens on the field or at the gym. Optimal performance requires additional focus on proper nutrition, adequate sleep and rest periods, and stress management. TeamCore is unique in it’s ability to offer a well-rounded and in-depth training program designed to complement the whole athlete.