Why Teamcore?

At TeamCore, our mission is to educate and empower our clients towards improved health through nutrition, functional fitness and total mind/body wellness programs.

We believe that lifelong functional fitness is simply comprised of how we think, move, and eat - and to do those things purposefully - to bring about positive changes in our daily lives.

TeamCore specializes in:

  • Functional fitness training
  • Athletic performance enhancement
  • Establishing nutritional needs
  • Weight management
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Pain reduction & management
  • Psychological wellness
  • Lifestyle balance

What sets TeamCore apart from the rest of the fitness industry is its' individualized approach, focusing on personal successes, measured against individual goals, not arbitrary standards. The partnership between coach and client is critical in developing a plan that is reasonable and doable for the everyday person.

Since 1996, over 800 clients have found success using TeamCore's approach to health and wellness - we aren't successful until you are!

TeamCore - your one-stop for lifelong functional fitness!